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Our guide specializes in locating the best internet casinos. We scout the internet with the intention of reviewing online casinos. Every week we update this website with our list of the best casinos. We list casinos that have responsive customer service, super fast payouts, realistic and authentic game play, and solid odds.

Captain Cook’s Casino One of the most reputable and well respected online casinos. The games are beautiful, with authentic graphics and sound effects. There’s a huge assortment of games to choose from including 100s of slot machines and video poker games. A huge range of blackjack and table games adds to the mix.¬† It’s easy to get started with a super-fast download and a generous sign up bonus.¬† Find out how to play blackjack with real money on blackjack.org.

First Web Casino – One of the most outstanding and enjoyable online casinos. The graphics are amazing, and the games themselves are fast, exciting and offer extremely high payouts – with better odds than what you will find in any Las Vegas casino.

First Web uses the latest version of the world-famous Microgaming software, and their Random Number Generator is audited by a world leading independent casino auditing firm.

All Jackpotshow to play blackjack¬†Now here’s one place you can really strike gold on the Internet. With almost 300 games including 150+ slots of all descriptions. The range of slots is astounding – everything from 3 line to 9 line slots, and the now major millions slot machine.
They stand out with the exceptional customer support, with toll free phone lines and live support. There’s also a generous loyalty program that rewards you for your game play. Another highly recommended casino.